Boston your my home! (kinda)

2 Jul

Tuesday night I took the red-eye from LAX headed for Boston!  I was pleasantly surprised that the airport was relatively quiet and had no trouble checking in and getting to my gate.  You never know who you might run into or what kind of madness is taking place at such a large airport.  Last time I flew, Owen Wilson was on my flight!

I was very proud of myself for coming in at 47.8 lbs of luggage (just under the 50 lb limit!)  I was bummed out however, when I realized that I wont have any room for goodies I may want to pick up in NY.   This realization led me to my next brilliant idea…I will take another  piece of luggage from home before going to NY and then when flying back to California I will suck it up and pay the double bag fee.  It is crazy how expensive it is to travel these days! Although I am not THAT old, I do remember the days when you didn’t have to pay for your first piece of luggage, they offered you peanuts on the plane, and they gave you the whole can when serving your drink.

I got the biggest kick out of one of the announcements made before take off.  Apparently now on United flights, unless you are in “Prefered Coach,” you no longer even have the option of purchasing food on your flight.  So all of us sardines back in regular coach better suck it up or bring our own goodies!  Luckily I never fly without my own snackage 😉

An assortment of nuts keeps life interesting 🙂

I am always the odd one with a bag full of food when going through security.  Along with my cooking essentials that I can’t go anywhere without (coconut oil, Nooch, and kelp granules) I pack enough healthy options to tie me over through the flight and possibly the following day until I can get to fresh produce again.  Usually this consists of Fruit, vegetables, nuts, popcorn and sometimes my favorite “sea snax.”  I am always disgusted by the overpriced options that people call food, offered in airports.  Paying $8 for a sandwich that consists of a huge white roll,  mayo, a piece of cheese and a slab of meat does not scream dinner to me.  When flying it is more important than ever to make sure you stay properly hydrated and well nourished.  If you don’t, you will face a sluggish day when you touch down…and I didn’t have time to lag.  I had a VIP waiting for me at Logan and we wanted to take advantage of a beautiful day in Boston since I arrived so early in the morning.

Craig came to get me at LoganCraig was there to greet me!!!!!  I was so excited to see my “baby” brother again…it seemed like forever since we were last together (even though it was only back in April that we were Hilton Head)

I was very impressed at how well he drove in the city for not having much experience. It’s not always easy and can be very stressful.  We were on a mission though, so we headed towards the North End where we parked the car and grabbed some Starbucks.  Im not a total caffeine addict but for some reason I was craving an Americano when I landed…and a cup of Dunkins was not going to do the trick (I know, how can I call myself a New Englander and NOT like Dunkins!?)  I was taken off guard when we walked into the place and someone held the door for us.  This act of kindness was followed by many smiles, “Good Mornings,” and an overly happy staff. He looked like he was part of Starbucks ad in this one Did I just walk into the twilight zone….?  Oh no, I forgot, Im back in New England…This is normal behavior here!  I knew there was a reason I love coming home for a bit of welcoming New England energy!  Having spent the past two years in major cities I have become used to a high pace energy where most people don’t have the time to stop and say hi.  Although I love living in those areas as well, I do like to recharge my roots back at home before moving on to my next adventure.

For the day, our adventure led us to one of my favorite places in Boston…The Aquarium!!

I know I’m such a dork, but I love walking around the huge tank in the middle and watching all the fish go by.  It even proved to be an excellent place to play around with my camera.  For being a novice with a Digital SLR, I got some pretty neat pictures!

The penguins were cute but smelled pretty raunchy!

Craig's Favorite

For those who know me…Im not the biggest fan of Jelly Fish after my encounter with a portuguese man of  war a few years back.  But Craig still dragged me through the exhibit and I grabbed a few neat shotsAfter the aquarium we walked around Boston for a bit before heading over New England Medical Center to meet up with my mom!!!  I was super excited to see her!  I was exhausted however, so we called it a day pretty early and headed up to New Hampshire.  I got to sleep in my bed for the first time in months!  It felt so good to be home!!!


One Response to “Boston your my home! (kinda)”

  1. laurie tyer July 2, 2010 at 11:55 PM #

    New Hampshire is a better place because you have come back for a visit! We all love you so much, you add so much energy to the family!!! xooxo Mom and Dad

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