Back to the Big Apple…Catching up on Lost Time

12 Aug

It is CRAZY how fast time flies!  I feel like there are so many events in life that we anticipate for so long and then with a blink of an eye, they have happened and are already over.  I can remember back to being a Freshman in high school.  Being around all the big seniors making plans to move away and go to college scared me to pieces!  I can remember one night laying in bed, crying to my mom about how I never wanted to move out and leave my family behind.  Flash forward 4 years and I’m walking up to receive my diploma, still wondering how the end of senior year came so quickly.  Although the time seemed to move at warp speed and my final days came much faster than anticipated, the days in between had prepared me for the move.  Without even knowing it had happened, I had grown tremendously as a person, and was packing my bags to move to New York City…by myself!  Since then I have done many things I never would have dreamed I would have done.  Looking at only the two short years I have been out of the house and modeling, I still can’t believe how quickly the time has past and what I have accomplished and done in a short amount of time.

I guess my little story bridges into my month-long absence from writing.  I really do enjoy posting so much, but once I was back in New York I found myself with less computer time and more hustle bustle of the city!  It felt great to catch up with old friends and enjoy what the city had to offer (although most days the heat was crippling!)  So heres to time lost and a little recap as to what I had been up to!

My fourth of July weekend couldn’t have been more relaxing and enjoyable!  It felt so nice to be able to hangout at my house and reconnect with some friends and family. My brother turned 17 (now I’m feeling old) and my mom completed her masters program, so we had lots to celebrate!  The highlight of my stay however was our day up to Lake Winnipesaukee.  To me, there is nothing more relaxing than a day boating and swimming in a lake.  There is something incredibly peaceful about diving into a lake and swimming underwater until you run out of air.  You feel so free, especially since you know there is nothing in the water that can hurt you.  Although I do enjoy swimming in a pool, nothing compares to a fresh lake!

After my few days of rest and relaxation in New Hampshire it was time to pack up and move on to New York.  I was headed to the city to meet my new agency and meet with some of their clients!

I was super excited to be going back however, because there were some people I hadn’t seen in a while that I was truly starting to miss! One of my best friends and old roommate Leen was so gracious as to have me stay with her and her boyfriend Conor while I was in town.  She is one of the most kind and loving people I know, and I feel as if I can grow as a person when I’m with her!   We were out to dinner one night and the waitress asked if we were sisters.  She was surprised when we replied that we were simply friends because we reminded her so much of herself when she’s with her sister.  We thought it was such a nice complement.  Although we havent known each other for too long, we always are so comfortable talking with each other about anything!  One of the other perks of staying with Leen that I can’t forget to mention, is that I get to spend lots of time with her “little fat man!”  Zeus is a Pomeranian, and one of the cutest dogs I know!  It is really funny to take him out on walks because no matter where you go, people always stop and squeal about how adorable he is!  Leen and I could be walking around in monkey costumes and no one would even look twice because they are so enamored with this little guy!

During my time in New York I was also able to catch up with my dear friends Brad and Ryan!  Timing was perfect because I was in town for Ryan’s Birthday!  I always have soo much fun with those two!!

As for work I was able to get in a few good tests and even shot the in-house lookbook for Elizabeth and James!    The clothing line is designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.  Anyone who knew me growing up knows that I was obsessed with the “Olsen Twins,” so it was funny to be working for them!

I filled my days with many other fun adventures, and before I knew it, it was time to head home to go on vacation with my family!  We had an amazing week in Utah and Wyoming, going on adventures and visiting Yellow Stone!


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