Try Something That Scares You!

7 Oct

When I started this blog I had such great intentions of posting every day and becoming a blogger extraordinaire!  Unfortunately I let every day life get in the way and kept putting off a posting “until tomorrow.”

Tomorrow has come and I am back.  Sometimes when writing my posts I feel pressure to make them perfect, but I have realized that something is better than nothing.  I feel it is fun and important to continue to share tidbits about my life, because I am not always the best at keeping in touch with friends and loved ones.  I will admit it…I am afraid of the phone!  Text and E-mail me all day long, but for some reason a telephone conversation is the last thing on my to-do list.

Enough of my little rant, because I have some exciting and scary news to share!  I have decided I want to train for a half marathon!!  I have always been pretty active and enjoy a nice jog from time to time, but never thought I’d train for such a long race.  A full marathon still seems daunting, so I decided to take it in baby steps.  I am headed down to Miami at the end of the month for work, so I figure what better place to train than by the ocean!  At the end of January there is a race in South Beach, so as long as my schedule doesn’t change, I plan to train for that date!

Any pointers or tips would be greatly appreciated!!  I’m a newbie so I am going to learn through trial and error.  Lacing up my sneaks now to head out for a run over the Williamsburg Bridge…see you on the other side 🙂


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