Vitamin D…Are You Getting Enough?

5 Nov

Vitamin D is something that everyone needs, yet most Americans are deficient.

As crazy as it might seem…I was deficient in vitamin D, even while living in sunny California!!! Every time I go home I go to see my doctor to get my vitamin levels and Thyroid checked (more on that later). I was blown away when my doctor called and told me I needed to start taking a vitamin D supplement.

At the time I was living in Los Angeles and spending majority of my time outside enjoying the sun. Almost daily I was taking long hikes with my friend Laurel or going about my daily activities that kept me in the sun. They really aren’t kidding when they say every day is beautiful in California. It is actually funny to move there from a place like the North East. If you grow up in New England you learn to cherish every nice day and enjoy it thoroughly…you never know when the next nice day will come!

I had always known that strong vitamin D levels are important, but after some research I am now convinced that everyone should be supplementing. Vitamin D is extremely important for balancing your blood calcium levels, reducing blood pressure, healthy bones and joints, preventing cancer and improving mood! That is a long list of important benefits!

Some people are not able to synthesize adequate levels of vitamin D from the sun, so taking a supplement is important (hence my situation). Now a days people are also able to get some supplementation from fortified foods such as breakfast cereals, orange juice and milk. I however do not normally eat these foods, and try to avoid dairy all together, so I have found that pill form works beat for me!

I highly recommend (although I certainly am not a doctor), that anyone who lives in an area where you do not get some sort of sun exposure daily, takes a supplement. The most important benefit is a boost in your mood! It is very common for people in the North East to suffer from seasonal depression, simply because weeks will pass without a blink of sunshine! Supplementing with vitamin D will help your body get a little bit of what it’s craving, and make the winter a little bit easier to handle!

It is suggested that people start with a supplement of 1,000 IU a day.  To fully know where you stand however, I suggest getting a blood test and talk to your doctor.  My mom did so and discovered she was “lethally low!”  NOT GOOD!!!  Now she takes a supplement of 50,000 IU!

Since I’m now staying in Miami for a bit…I am going to take my supplement (just to be safe), and then head out to catch some rays!




6 Responses to “Vitamin D…Are You Getting Enough?”

  1. vegansunshine November 6, 2010 at 2:20 PM #

    I thought about finding a vitamin D supplement because of all the talk I’ve been hearing about it!

    • sarahnotsoplainandtall November 6, 2010 at 2:52 PM #

      I would if I were you! Especially if you are vegan and avoid dairy (which is fortified with Vit D because of scurvy back in the day…ewwwww!)
      I would start at 1000IU and work your way up if you dont see a change (I take 5000IU a day…it especially helps in the winter when Mr.Sun doesnt come out to play as often!)

  2. laurie tyer November 7, 2010 at 12:01 AM #

    Because my level was so low, I was treated with 50,000 IU weekly for 6 weeks. Now I am taking 2,000IU/day. Waiting on my next blood test.

    Just attended a cancer conference in Boston – discussion on Vit D and its effects and preventative qualities. I suggest people ask to have their levels drawn at their doc appointments – especially those in the Northeast.

    Great posting, Sarah!

    • sarahnotsoplainandtall November 7, 2010 at 4:10 AM #

      Thanks a bunch!!
      Next time you should also suggest they check out my blog! haha 🙂

  3. Marie November 8, 2010 at 7:29 PM #

    If you avoid dairy, make sure you’re taking a Calcium supplement too! Dairy is the primary source of calcium, and you don’t want your bones breaking later on in life! 🙂 I definitely take them once a day because I can’t stand milk either. Haha

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