Photo Confession and Job Prep

6 Nov

So since I’m back to my blogging again I feel it is only fair I come clean and admit…I left my camera charger at home! Ahhhh I feel like such a dummy!  When I was packing for Miami I made the decision to leave my nice camera behind to make room in my carry-on luggage.  I figured I could just use my point and shoot, then bring my Nikon D-60 back with me after Thanksgiving.  Well, that plan isn’t going to work because I brought the wrong charger along…WOOPS!!

For now I will have to supplement with pictures taken from my Blackberry and Clip Art!

I wanted to get a quick post in before I head to bed…as I have a long weekend ahead of me!  Tonight I had to give myself a quick mani/pedi to be ready for my job tomorrow and shoot on Sunday. I have a crrrrrazy call time of 4 am on sunday…and will be walking in a show for Lanvin tomorrow night!  Looks like I wont be getting too much sleep haha!  I always get so nervous when I have to paint my own nails because most of the time it looks like a 3rd grader did the job!  This time I think I was pretty successful however, because they had to be nude, which is pretty hard to mess up!

I also fit in a quick night-time snack before turning in for the night…LaraBar Chocolate Chip Brownie!  I had been dying to try this flavor for a long time now, and finally go my hands on some!  I really enjoyed it, and was a “sweet” ending to my night…but I think I could make something similar (and maybe even a bit tastier) on my own!!  (hmmmm…challenge for the next time I’m home and have a full kitchen to use!)

If you havent tried these bars before, they are a great Go-To snack!  Even though they come in a wrapper, (I like to limit the amount of packaged foods I eat), they are all made with no preservatives and all natural ingredients!  I have been eating them for about two years now, and LOVE to try new flavors!!  (One summer I ate a chocolate coconut LaraBar for snack almost everyday!!  It was a major love affair!)




PS: I just joined twitter…so add me!  @healthymodel


2 Responses to “Photo Confession and Job Prep”

  1. Audrey November 6, 2010 at 4:46 PM #

    I LOVE Lara Bars….They gave out free samples at the Tufts 10k road race a couple weeks ago! I am totally going to buy some.

    • sarahnotsoplainandtall November 6, 2010 at 5:47 PM #

      What are your favorite flavors!? I LOVE coconut cream pie, cashew cookie and chocolate chip cokie dough! mmmmmm Throwing one in my bag for a snack before the show tonight!

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