The Best Part of Waking Up Is STARBUCKS In Your Cup!

6 Nov

I find it a bit pathetic that I was sooo groggy when my alarm went off at 9am this morning…but cut me some slack, its Saturday!  Tomorrow is not going to be much prettier seeing that I will need to wake up before the sun even rises!I stated off my morning by brewing some Starbucks Italian Roast Coffee and chugging some SmartWater!  I know that coffee is a stimulant and it is best to not drink it at all…but sometimes I just need the boost!  Its funny however, because you will never see me ordering a black brewed coffee from an actual Starbucks shop.  For some reason the way they brew it ends up being far too acidic for my stomach, so I like to make it at home if possible! This morning I stirred some coconut oil into my cup! (Hence the weird white blob floating in my coffee!)  I try to get at least a tablespoon of the stuff in throughout the day, and sometimes coffee is a great option! Remember: Coconut oil is like clean burning fuel…it STOKES your metabolism and actually makes you burn calories!!  It also does wonders for your skin and hair…so theres really no reason NOT to include it in your diet!

mmmmm soooo sweet!

Breakfast was this delicious pineapple (which I can’t seem to get enough of right now!)  Although I LOVE reading other blogs and seeing what they do with their oatmeal creations…I find I work better on a lighter breakfast of fruit or a green smoothie!  There are some studies that show that eating fruit until noon is actually beneficial because your body is still in cleansing mode!  I also eat light because I have never been one to go to the gym early in the day.  If I were going out for a fun at 7 am my breakfast would most likely be hardier, but for now I prefer to sweat in the PM!

Today I had a casting at the Chloe store which is uptown in the Bal Harbour Shops…so I hopped on the bus…magazine in tow!  It was a September issue, but I didn’t mind because I never had a chance to read it 🙂 There was actually a very interesting article in there by Nina Garcia called: Nina’s Guide to Getting Dressed.  In one of her bullets she says you should: “Always prepare for the unexpected…If someone takes a photo of me, will I be OK with it hitting the Internet?  If the answer is no, then redo your look.”

I’m not too sure I would survive in Nina’s Style boot camp!  Although I love getting dressed up and looking nice (you kinda have to as a model), there are many days that all I want to do is wear my sweatpants and Ugg boots and be cozy!  Even though they may not be the most glamorous, they make me happy and that’s all that counts! (but please, no Facebook tagging! haha)

The Bal Harbour Shops are a dangerous place to go to…Shopaholics BEWARE!!!

Almost every designer brand is represented one way or another in this upscale shopping area!  (kind of like a condensed version of uptown shopping in Manhattan)  Luckily I was there for a casting and set my eyes on the goal…trying to pass by all the BEAUTIFUL distractions!  I couldn’t help myself however when I came upon this little gem.  If you know me at all you know that I LOVE Miu Miu…its a good thing that I do have will power however and just went in for a quick peak!

At my casting I tried on the most AMAZING pair of high-waisted wool shorts by Chloe!  I was completely obsessed and sure I had to have them until I took a peek at the price tag…$860!!!  WOOOOWZERS!!  Guess I’ll live without them in my life for now 😉

Back at the apartment I made some lunch to fuel me up before the show tonight!  I was sad when I realized that I was using my last two pieces of Ezekiel bread…must go shopping soon!!!

Avocado toast is amazing with a little bit of Coconut oil and topped with Kelp granules!

I made my absolute FAVORITE combination: Avocado Toast!!  The toast came out a little bit extra crunchy…but I like it that way!!  I also munched on some crunchy baby carrots (another personal favorite!)  When buying baby carrots I always make sure I buy the bag that seems to have the thickest carrots.  I find they are much sweeter than the skinny ones 🙂

MMMMMM good!!!

I’m excited to be working for one of my favorite clients again tonight: Lanvin!  They have brought the Cruise 2011 collection down for a charity Fashion show at the Fontainebleau, hosting over 600 people…ahhhhh!!!  The shoes are extra high this season, and one of my looks is a bathing suit and skirt cover-up (which I am supposed to take off at the end of the runway!)  Lets cross our fingers that I don’t face plant! 😉





4 Responses to “The Best Part of Waking Up Is STARBUCKS In Your Cup!”

  1. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan November 7, 2010 at 2:16 AM #

    I love love LOVE your idea of coconut oil in your coffee! I would never have thought of that! Your avocado toast sounds great too 🙂 Good luck at your runway show!

    • sarahnotsoplainandtall November 7, 2010 at 2:59 AM #

      Thanks a bunch!! The show went really well…just got back…cooking some dinner and going to bed! You HAVE to try coconut oil in your coffee..its sooo smooth and leaves a nice softness on your lips! and watch out, once you have avocado toast you will be addicted!! haha

  2. Kate @ Green and Juicy November 9, 2010 at 9:29 AM #

    This is my first read of your blog and I have to say… I knew I would like it when I saw the avocado toast! I ADORE avocado in any shape or form. It pains me when people are so scared of them for the fat content – the looks I get when I eat a whole one at lunch!! If only more people knew how absolutely wonderful they are for you, not to mention delicious 🙂

    • sarahnotsoplainandtall November 9, 2010 at 1:31 PM #

      I couldnt agree more!!! Especially in the world I work in…people are scared of fat…BUT ITS GOOD FAT PEOPLE!!! I LOVE avocados too!!! They do wonders for your skin and hair!! MMMMM…Im thinking some more avocado toast is in my future today 😉
      Have an awesome day!!

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