22 Nov

Hey guys!!

WOW! 622 servings!!! (I think I might use more than one serving at a time haha!)

So, as you know I received a lovely shipment of Zevia all natural (calorie free) soda the other day.  Guess what…I’ve already tried all 6 flavors!!  I’m not kidding…I was like the little kid on Halloween who needs to try their candy right away!  Haha, at least this kind wasn’t loaded with sugar!  Instead, Zevia is sweetened with Stevia!!!  If you haven’t tried Stevia I suggest you do…right away!  I usually buy my stevia at Trader Joes (when I’m close to one), which comes in a nice shaker bottle!  This makes it nice for traveling so I am never without a little sweetness in my life!!  

This picture was from my pre-Zevia days…two of my loves (coke zero and Mr.Chase Manhattan!!)  Luckily there will never be a replacement for my furry buddy!!  He holds a VERY big place in my heart!

Any ways…back to my review!  I was sent the following flavors: Cola, Dr.Zevia, Gingerale, Orange, Black Cherry and Ginger Root Beer.  I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed each and every flavor.  This was a pleasant surprise for me because I have never been one to like orange flavoring.  Each of the flavors never left a bitter after taste and there was just the right amount of carbonation!

I would probably say that Cola and Ginger Root Beer were my favorites because those were the flavors I would reach for in conventional diet drinks.  I have actually already become a Zevia customer!  Today at Whole Foods I grabbed a can of each from the refreshment cooler!!

If you have the chance I highly recommend trying Zevia for yourself…you might just be pleasantly surprised!!  Although I am still going to limit the amount out “fun” beverages I consume…Zevia will be what I reach from on special occasions!!

Have a great night!  Good news…this week is THANKSGIVING!!!!


(Heads up…My review of Zevia is my personal opinion!)


2 Responses to “Zevia”

  1. Ria November 22, 2010 at 11:56 AM #

    Oh man…I may have to try this the next time I stop into Whole Foods.

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