Im a Comin Home!

25 Nov



Airplane Snacks


Make-up packed



Yah…I needed to do a little organizing! 😉

All these things combined can only mean one thing however….

I’m headed home for the Holiday!!!!

Where did this year go?  Honestly…wasn’t it just New Years eve!?  Guess I need to go shopping again for this years’ dress! 😉  (Which isn’t toobad!)



The car service picked me up at an early 4 am and got me up to Ft. Lauderdale airport in no time!  Although it was painfully early, I like flying in the morning because its far less likely that your flight will be delayed or cancelled.  It would have been a much shorter jaunt if I had been able to fly out of Miami International Airport…but I was headed to Manchester, NH…and not too many planes fly up there.

So southwest was my airline of choice

Unfortunately there weren’t any direct flights I could take, so I had a quick stop over in Tampa.  Although there was a bit of a wait, it was certainly worth it…

I didn’t have to change planes, and for that…I got the front row!!

It felt sooo nice to stretch out my daddy-long-legs!!!

I knew I was home in when I was greeted by this fellow

Only in New Hampshire…

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too nice

And made me start to miss the beautiful Floria weather….

But at least I’m home with family and thats all that matters!!

Can’t wait to fire up the oven!!


Time to cook

PS: Now that I’m home, you will no longer have to suffer through horrible blackberry photos…I have my camera again!!





2 Responses to “Im a Comin Home!”

  1. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan November 25, 2010 at 11:41 PM #

    Have a great T-day!

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