A Little Bit Choppy?

12 Dec

A little bit choppy?


Is that how you would explain a plane free-falling through storm clouds?

Needless to say, I was flying into San Francisco and the weather was not cooperating!  Usually I’m pretty tough when it comes to flying, but that descent into the airport was nothing close to fun!  I guess I lucked out however, because once we landed and were getting off the plane, they were making an announcement over the intercom that all planes in and out of the city had been delayed.  That would not have been fun if we were forced to circle for an hour or so…I think I might have just tossed my cookies!

I was only in town for about a day and a half before I was back on a red-eye headed back to Miami.  This time I was there working for Old Navy.  And you will never guess who I got to meet…all wrapped up…and hiding in a closet….

The Old Navy Mannequins!!!!

I was a bit star struck, I’m not going to lie…. 😉

The word on the street is that REAL humans are set to take the place of these guys for good…but who knows, all that could change.

I had a great day on set, everyone there was super nice!

And it was extra fun, because for the first time in a long time…I got to SMILE!!!!

I LOVE clients that let me be happy!!  😉

(That doesn’t happen very often in New York!)

More pictures from my hotel and such to come!


Nighty Night…

Hope you have a fabulous Saturday evening!!

Anyone going to any festive holiday parties!?





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