Feel Good Juice!

28 Jan

Hey Guys!

Thank you so much for all your kind words on the passing of my beloved dog, Tucker.  He meant so much to everyone in our family and all those who came to love our friendly lion.  Although it is so sad to see him go, life moves forward and we will have happy memories that will last a life time!

Although we could sit around feeling sad, I rather pump my body with “Feel Good Juice” and forge forward!!!

What is FGJ you may ask!?  I think for everyone it is different, but for me it definitely comes in the form of exercise and Green Smoothies!!

Although I wish I could claim that I’m one of those girls who can “eat whatever she wants and not exercise” (and still stay fit), this would be far from the truth.  I work hard to stay in shape and make healthy choices, and I have come to realize…these are the things that keep me sane and HAPPY!!!

Think about it…last time you came back from an awesome run, or took an amazing yoga class….didnt you just want to GIGGLE!?  Ok, maybe you wouldn’t take it that far…but for me, exercise makes me glow and feel like I can conquer the WORLD!!!!

I thought Id share my most recent favorite forms of exercise to maybe inspire some people to work up some “Feel Good Juice” of their own!

Running and Yoga have always been favorites of mine!  Although not too long ago I had to take a hiatus from running due to a knee injury, I’m slowly working myself back up to where I was before!  While I was “down and out” of running I turned to extra yoga classes to keep me moving, and man did I feel great!!

Yoga is so much fun (and challenging), and I love that it is a sport where you can push yourself as far as you feel comfortable…its all in how you feel!

Most recently I have taken to an activity that I thought I had sworn off years ago!  SPINNING!!!  I love trying new things but for some reason every time I would get on that spin bike, my legs would fatigue quickly.  Thanks to my new gym buddy…he convinced me the other night to get back in the “saddle!”  Although my stomach was feeling a bit funky…he assured me “you can leave to throw up if you need to..but then get your butt back in here!”

BAHAHHAH…too much information!?  Sorry, just trying to be honest!  Anyway, there was a new instructor that night, and once he stared up his playlist I knew I was hooked!!  It was a grueling workout, but anything set to “club music,” and I’m in!!

Waking up the morning after…a spin class (hahaha) I feel amazingly tight in a way running has never made me feel before!  It’s a great feeling, and I’m excited to add more classes to my weekly regimen!

So there you have it…a brief overview of whats keeping my heart pumpin these days!

And no…I didnt forget that I mentioned Green Smoothies earlier…but I figure, leave that as content for my next posting….believe me, its worth the wait!!


What have you been doing lately to keep your “Feel Good Juice” pumping!!??  Id LOVE to know…and always looking for new ideas!!

Stay warm my sweeties!  (It was a chilly 65 here in Miami today…I even had to wear my long running tights instead of the cropped ones!!!)






4 Responses to “Feel Good Juice!”

  1. Marie January 28, 2011 at 10:29 PM #

    a CHILLY 65 degrees? not fair…

    • sarahnotsoplainandtall January 28, 2011 at 11:30 PM #

      haha I know…It was a joke…but for Miami that is COLD! haha
      I think I have decided that my days of living anywhere that drops below 60 in the winter is out…sorry New Hampshire and NY!

  2. Audrey Morgan January 29, 2011 at 1:54 PM #

    I LOVE spinning classes! One hour of heart-pumping music! Its so much fun to ride to the beat of the music and feel all those calories leaving your body! I went to classes all the time in high school at the Y!

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