Morning!!! Green Smoothie Anyone?

29 Jan


Hope everyone is doing fantastic this morning!! I know I am 😉

I enjoyed a fun night with great friends last night and am now ready to tackle a beautiful yet chill Saturday!!  I’m thinking maybe a nice little bike ride is in order!

Ok, so lets cut to the chase….Green Smoothies!

If you are familiar with the “health blogging” world then this is old news and you’re probably already clicking to your next entry to read…but thats ok!   I know lots of people who stop by here at SNSPT are not as familiar with such crazy concepts and usually feel a bit intimidated and scared by the crazy stuff I call food!  😀

But please…you have to try this!

GREEEEEEEENs make your body happy…so the more you can eat, the better!!  Now I know they don’t seem as tasty as a Krispy Kreme in the morning (eeeek…you’ll be feeling that later), but when you feed your body good nutrients it smiles from the inside out!!

I don’t think there is any easier way to get in a BIG serving of the green goodness than through a smoothie.  The best part is…you dont even taste the veggie!!

Although there are endless possibilities as to what you mix into your “Hulk Drink,” it’s a basic combo of greens, a liquid and some fruit to sweeten it up!!

Lately my favorite way to start the day has looked like this:

2 handfuls of Spinach

1/2 Frozen Banana

1/2 C Blueberries

USV Almond Milk


1/2 Tbs Coconut Oil


The addition of the cinnamon makes it seem like a guilty indulgence and yet…its all just creamy deliciousness that your body needs to start the day!!!  (I got the idea of adding cinnamon from the lovely Spabettie)


So do your body a favor and start drinking your greens…you’ll be glad you did!!!!




(Kermit didn’t know what he was talking about….its totally easy being green!!!)



3 Responses to “Morning!!! Green Smoothie Anyone?”

  1. spabettie January 30, 2011 at 7:46 AM #

    YUM YUM !! so glad you like the cinnamon… I use it almost every time now! 😀

  2. Camilla Petersson February 3, 2011 at 3:24 PM #

    I love Cinnamon!

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