Cold Weather Calls for Soup!

6 Apr

It’s no secret I am no longer in Miami…

Although I love being home with my family, this cold weather is not really my thing!

Most people think I’m crazy when I complain about even 50 degree weather being cold…”Aren’t you from NH…you should be used to the cold!”

But alas…if you know me well…you know that I was clearly not born in the correct state!  I should have been a little beach baby, running around in the heat and frolicking in the sand!  Instead, I was raised in New England where snow days were a regular occurence, and the sun only shines 6 months out of the year!

Now that I am home for a few weeks I am bundled from head to toe 24/7 and so naturally the other night I decided soup was in order!

The day after I got home I did my typical grocery run (when I come home with loads of “healthy stuff” and my brother fears for what I will be concocting for dinner!).  While out, I bought the most BEAUTIFUL bunch of Kale, which would turn into the perfect star ingredient in my veggie soup!  Kale is so good for you and fills your body with lots of wonderful vitamins and minerals!!  Maybe we shall call this Happy Body Veggie Soup!

Happy Body Veggie Soup  🙂

1 Large Onion

3 Large Cloves of Garlic Minced

2 TBS Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Handful Sage

6 Spears Rosemary

3 Bay Leaves

1 TBS Red Pepper Flakes

1 1/2 Containers Organic Low Sodium Vegetable Broth

1 Small Can Organic Italian Style Diced Tomatoes

1 Large Can Organic Peeled Plum Tomatoes

3 Large Carrots Chopped

1 Head Broccoli Diced (I use the stem as well!)

1 Large Bunch Kale Cut into pieces

1 Can Cannellini Beans (rinsed thoroughly)

1 Can Red Kidney Beans (rinsed thoroughly)


Start by chopping the onion into bite sized pieced.  Add the Onion to a large soup pot with the 2 TBS of EVOO and the minced garlic.  Saute the ingredients until the onion begins to sweat.  At this point add in the rosemary, sage, bay leaves and red pepper flakes.  Cook a little longer until the onion is translucent, add the vegetable broth and tomatoes.  Stir the pot and start to bring to a boil.  Nows the time to add in your veggies (carrots, broccoli and kale!).  Once the soup comes to a boil, reduce to a simmer and cook for about 15 minutes (or until your vegetables are the desired texture).   After simmering for 15 min, stir in your beans, remove from heat and cover.

Before serving your soup make sure to remove the bay leaves and rosemary twigs.  It’s also a good idea to taste your soup and decided whether or not it needs a dash of sea salt.   I added a miniscule amount because the flavors of the herbs was so strong!

Ladle into a BIG soup bowl and ENJOY!!



I enjoyed this soup after a strenuous Bikram yoga class the other night!  It was perfect to be able to come home to a hardy meal like this!  (I forgot how hungry Bikram makes me)

Now, I will warn that this soup isn’t for the faint of heart!  I made this in hopes of wowing my family with a delicious, warm home cooked meal when they arrived home for the evening…

I think the boys were fishing for meat and starches…No beef…No noodles…”you call this soup!?”  Hahah…one day I will convince them that they don’t need to have meat at every meal!


And PS:  it’s even more delicious day 2!!


If your living somewhere cold (All my Miami friends can disregard!) make this soup tonight!!

Your body will THANK YOU!!






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