Best Hike EVER!!

28 May


This morning was amazing…I think I have found my favorite hike in LA!

One of my nearest and dearest friends, Laurel and I decided to venture over to the west side (where I’ll be moving this week!! eeek!) to check out a new hike!  We had seen pictures and heard great reviews so we figured…what do we have to lose!?

There is nothing better than having an amazing friend who has so many similar interests as you!   Laurel and I are constantly on a mission to stay active and try new things…but our number one love is hiking!!  (You should see us attempting to get better at tennis!!  Its a good thing we both have a sense of humor!)  Time flies when we are together!!  This morning’s hike took about 2 1/2 hours and yet time just flew by!!  (Kind of like the day we were gabbing and hiking, gabbing and hiking…got lost, and over 3 hours later made it back to our cars! WOOOPS)

Please, if you are in the LA area…lace up your hiking boots and get your camel pack ready 😉  because Topanga Canyon is where it’s at!!  We chose to hike the Los Liones trail and were not disappointed!!

The beginning of the trail is very narrow and winds through tree covered paths sprinkled with wild flowers!  At times I felt like I was in a story book about an enchanted forest…and then Id trip on one of the magical stumps and snapped back into reality!!

Once you reach the fire road the trail widens up a bit and that’s when the amazing views don’t stop coming!! The whole time your twist and turn around this mountain with straight shot views of the ocean!  Point blank…ITS AMAZING!!  (Im going to try and get better about carying a camera with me where ever I go…so I can start making this blog pretty with pictures!!)

I think we have found our Saturday morning hike!

check out this link for more information:

This website if great for all things hiking!!

What are you doing to stay active this holiday weekend!?




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