29 May


This post is WAY overdue!!!

Earlier this year, the WONDERFUL people over at Larabar offered to send me some samples…and I happily accepted!!  Who doesn’t love getting free stuff!?

Well…I devoured them all during the time that I wasnt blogging as much and totally forget to write a review…my B!!!

I LOVE Larabars!!  Always have and always will!! They are a great snack to keep in your purse while you are on the run!  I especially like to take one with me to shoots because you never know if there will be healthy options on set!  (I have never understood why some clients will serve greasy foods like pizza and cookies…and then expect you to fit into that dress or bikini after lunch…DUH!! haha)

I’m actually shooting out in the California desert today…and guess whats in my bag!?  Apple Pie to be exact!  (getting all fancy on you now!)

Anyways…this is the beautiful package they sent to me complete with a great sampler, t-shirt and canvas bag!

I loved all the flavors!!

Still to this day however I have a soft spot in my heart for coconut cream pie and chocolate chip cookie dough!!

The great thing about Larabars is that they are raw and vegan!  So although they are high in sugar, its natural sugar that your body understands!


Keep some on hand and you will never be stuck grabbing something from a scary vending machine!!

Enjoy your day!! I’m off to get sandy 😉




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