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Why Do I Run Anyway!?

26 Sep

Running…Why do I run anyway!?

I know its not good on my joints, and it can sometimes leave me feeling really really sore…but I don’t mind!

Running and I…we’ve always had a little love-hate relationship…but the positives FAR outweigh the negatives, so I’ll keep up our daily rendezvous ūüôā .

There are only two activities that I am really able to reach a feeling of total body exhaustion, and that is running and swimming. ¬†Swimming was always my first love (when I was younger), but as I started moving around more for modeling, I found it difficult to keep up my pool workouts. ¬†My solution to this #whitegirlproblem…lace up my sneakers and get back to hitting the pavement!

Running, for me, is a time to decompress or reflect on things that have been on my mind. ¬†Sometimes it feels like a ¬†tornado up in my noggin, so I use my running time to think things through or work them out. ¬†I have also been really enjoying the goal aspect of my current half-marathon plan. ¬†I love looking at my training calendar and being able to cross off the day once the workout is complete! ¬†This coming weekend is my 8-miler, which is the most I’ve ever worked up to in the past. ¬†Once I get that run under my belt I’ll be chartering unfamiliar territory…BRING IT ON!!!

Now, running certainly serves me in many fabulous ways (can I get an AMEN for strong runner’s legs!?), but there is also a key component to my method that may come as a surprise (to those who don’t already know my¬†dirty¬†little secret!)…I listen to HIP HOP yo! ¬†My running time is also my music time…I like to think of it as juicing up my white girl swag-o-meter!

There will certainly have to be another post in the near future about the evolution of my adoration for hip hop…but for now I’ll just say that there really isn’t a beat from that genre that I haven’t liked (and for my runs…the more¬†Dirty Atlanta the better!). ¬†Try working out your problems while running to DMX or Luda…ain’t nobody messing with you after that sweat sesh ;).

For now I leave you with this…I’ve got a ‘lil 4-miler to fit in before I tackle my day…and 2 Chainz is calling my name…

You DO NOT say NO to 2 Chainz ūüėČ




Escaping the California Cold for the New England Heat!?

30 Jun


I never thought I’d be saying this, but California is way too cold right now! ¬†I am told that what we are experiencing is called “June Gloom” and that the warm weather is just around the corner. ¬†Lets hurry things up Mr. Weatherman…I shouldn’t want to wear my winter jacket in June…thats why I left New England! ūüôā

Yesterday I was shooting for Brighton in Newport, CA and unfortunately it was a chilly day aswell with scattered drizzle. ¬†Although the weather wasn’t too great, it didn’t stop me from having a great time on set with the crew! ¬†We were lucky enough to be shooting in a BEAUTIFUL mansion in a gated community owned by one of the executives of the company. ¬†I wish I had taken pictures because it was truly my DREAM house!! ¬†(Now I just need to work with them everyday for the rest of my life to afford it!) ¬†Seems that is somewhat of a possibility however…she is putting it on the market!! ¬†I am counting my pennies as I write!¬†Half way through our day we were greeted by the realtor and a lovely British couple. ¬†They seemed to be intrigued to watch a photo shoot, but were a little confused when the photographer joked that shoots take place every Monday…comes with the house!

Even though California is in full cloud coverage, I will not have to deal with it for very long…I am flying back to New England tonight! ¬†I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it back to the east coast for my ‘lil brother’s birthday (July 4th) this year, but my cards all fell into place at the last-minute! ¬†My new agency in New York (New York Models) asked that I come out to meet some clients after the July 4th holiday. ¬†I saw it as the perfect opportunity to escape home for a few days before heading into NYC!

I am very excited to be going back for a little visit to the Big Apple! ¬†Although I love my new life in California, there are many people and places that I am beginning to miss and can’t wait to get back to my old stomping grounds! ¬†Even the thought of being able to walk everywhere puts a smile on my face. ¬†(Having to drive everywhere in California is a major drawback) ¬†Aside from visiting with friends (and working) while I’m in New York…I am hoping to play tourist for just a bit aswell. I realized just the other day that I have never made a trip out to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island, and still haven’t taken the time to walk the Brooklyn Bridge! ¬†I also hope to hit up some of the museums, see a show or two, and maybe sneak in a bit of shopping! ¬†(I hope my favorite shopping buddies Brad and Ryan are ready ūüėČ )

My bags are packed, I have checked in online. ¬†I am luck enough to have a great friend who will be watching my car while I’m away, so I am headed to his place in just a few minutes. ¬†So glad to be able to post before I head over to LAX…next time my update will be coming from the Eastern Timezone!!

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