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8 Nov

Saturday night, as many of you know I walked in a show for Lanvin!!  I LOVE this line and have worked for them many times in NYC…so it was nice to see some of my friends from the NY office!  They were all sooo tired however because they have been go-go-go lately especially with the Lanvin for H&M line being launched soon!!

NY Friends: want to stand in line for me on Nov 23rd!? 😉

Once I arrived I slipped into my comfy white robe before hopping into hair and make-up

While in hair and make-up I noticed a BIG @healthymodel no-no….girl drinking LARGE sugary Coolata with whipped cream on top.  I am certainly not saying it’s not ok to treat yourself every once in a while…but this was most likely her dinner…and with ZERO nutritional value…I would say not the best option!

Big drinks topped with whipped cream do not make a balanced dinner!

I had packed some nuts and coconut water to last me until I got home to make a JUMBO salad 🙂

If I have to drink coconut water from a box...this is my brand of choice!!

Make-up was pretty simple with a nude lip and dewy complexion.  My hair was pinned up into a hair net because both of my looks included head wear.  Some of the girls had their hair teased out into Afros!!!  It took the hair team about an hour and a half per girl…but the outcome was totally worth it!Before!!


Before and After!!

I brought along some magazines to keep myself entertained while they worked on me.  Hey guess who I saw in November’s Issue of Nylon…Haha…ME!!!  I had tons of fun shooting this…especially because the girl I was shooting with was so cool!  We had so much in common it was freaky!

Although I am always in love with pretty much every look Lanvin rolls out, I especially loved mine ;)!  It was pretty funny because when I walked into the fitting a BEAUTIFUL green dress caught my eye…I wanted to try it on soooo badly!  Sure enough, it was the first thing Julia grabbed to fit me in!!  (She knows me far too well!)

This picture doesn't even do it justice!

My First Look...

Second Look...Favorite Dress!!!

These white boards are used in most fashion shows to show the dressers how the look should come together…its a great organizational tool!

After the show my friend Melissa (also with NEXT Miami) and I took some candid photos of our runway looks.  The show ended late so I got home quickly and slipped under the sheets!  Had to wake up early for an early shoot!!   XX  @healthymodel



Welcome to L.A. Models!

26 Jun

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A modeling agency can be a very mysterious place.   Many times they are only distinguished by a small sign on the front of the building.  I remember the first time I went to New York to visit agencies.  It was a nerve-racking experience because I had no idea what to expect.    Some buildings were walk-ups, others had fancy elevators and door men.  Each time I would walk through the door I would try to stay calm, but the reality of being in a place of such power was a bit over whelming.

L.A. Models is quite the contrary, don’t let the “high security” gate fool you!  The first time I went to meet my bookers I was a little bit nervous…gated entry, small sign and white walls.   It was enough to throw anyone’s stomach for a loop.  But the friendly faces behind the exterior put my nerves at ease, and now I enjoy having to pop in for a visit!

I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of what the agency looks like, because for many people it is hard to comprehend.  All of the bookers from the various divisions (Women, New Faces, Runway, Men) sit at long tables spread sporadically throughout the room.  They each have their own computer and telephone that they work on throughout the day.  Some even come to work equipped with their very own Shrek water bottles (as Kimberly so beautifully modeled off for me) 😉

There are walls devoted to “comp cards” for all the models on the different boards.  These are what the agency sends out to clients when they are looking to book someone for a job.  We also carry these with us when we go on g0-sees or castings so the client can put a face with a name.  Can you spot my card in the picture!?

You never know who you are going to see or what will be going on when you go to the agency.  Today I was pleasantly surprised that Robert Pattinson had stopped by to leave me a little note (see picture in slide show)….

I wish! One of my bookers, and good friends, Sarah F, used to run the New Faces division at the agency Rob started out at.  Apparently from time to time people still request him for special bookings, so he sent over a signed copy of his latest comp card.  What a sweetie!

Feel free to send over any questions you may have about going into an agency, whether it be for a meeting or open-call.  It may look scary from the outside, but once you get past the exterior, there are some great people waiting inside!  You never know…maybe Rob P will have stopped by for a visit 😉

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