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So There’s This Guy…..

17 Sep

So I’ve kinda been seeing this guy….his name is Joe.  I would be lying if I didn’t say it was love at first sight; he’s absolutely dreamy.  In fact, I just got back from a little day date with him…MAN my head is still spinning!

Trader Joe: You stole my heart a LONG time ago and I don’t think I’ll ever get it back…and thats OK with me 😉 .

If you are lucky enough to live in an area that has been touched by the golden hands of Mr. Joe, you know what I’m talking about!  Just when you think things couldn’t get better in that neck of the woods…BAMMMM he slaps you in the face with a rad new product (can you say COLD PRESSED COFFEE anyone!?).

Usually my cart is filled with the same suspects, but every once in a while I’ll live on the edge and try something new (9 times out of 10, I don’t regret that decision).  Unfortunately I am not able to try all the glorious goodies on the shelves because I have learned over the years that I have a very sensitive stomach.  Veering too far from the norm is never any fun in the long run, so I tend to stick by what I know will sit well.

That being said I thought I’d share a few of my favorite grabs when I’m sweeping through on a grocery rendezvous:


BOMB Guac…complements pretty much ANYTHING!


I always stock up on bananas…they are great as a post workout snack or frozen and thrown into a smoothie…just be sure to let them ripen for optimal nutrition….these guys wont be ready for a few days!


This is one of my few forms of CRACK! Have you tried this on a banana!?!? SWOOOOON
Try it out and get back to me 😉
But on a more serious note, this is a great alternative to peanut butter which can be harmful to your cute ‘lil bod! Its extremely mucus producing…which is NO BUENO! Ickyyyyyyyyy


Hummus has ALWAYS been a staple in my diet (especially since I don’t consume too much in the form animal protein), but this bruschetta is a recent discovery which makes me very happy! I love to throw a scoop or two on top of salads, fish or even a spoonful on its own (bruschetta soup anyone!? Yes, its that good!). Just don’t plan on planting a SMOOCH on anyone immediately after, as there’s lots of delicious garlic in there…great as an antibacterial…not so great for everyone else! And the olives are a no-brainer…great way to sneak a little bit of healthy fat into your life with MUNDO MUNDO flavor!


Here it is…my ‘lil coffee secret! Although I don’t drink coffee every morning…when I am jonesing this is my go to (if I’m not able to get to my HEAVEN that is URTH CAFE!). Pour a bit of this magic over ice with a splash of H20, CREAMY almond milk and a drop of stevia and you have got yourself a fabulous little concoction!


Almond milk…what did I do before I knew you existed!? Oh yah- I used to chug milk like it was my job! Now just the idea makes me feel icky deep down…
Joe has got my back with this FAB-U-LOUS dairy alternative…I’m a convert and I’m never going back 😉


Veggies- TOTAL no brainer…YOUR cart should be OVERFLOWING with them!!!! Although I do tend to do half my produce shopping at the store and the other half at one of our AMAZING Farmer’s Markets in SoCal! (More on that another day!!!)


Seaweed Snacks-don’t knock it ’till you try it! Since I’m pretty much Gluten Free, there aren’t too many snack foods that I can actually consume (that also don’t contain tons of extra foreign ingredients)…these little suckers come to the rescue in that category. When my roomie and I go shopping together it literally looks like we are preparing for the end of the World! The cart OVERFLOWS with cute little green packages…we’ve been known to clear a shelf!

Well, there you have it folks…I think my guy Joe is pretty GROOVY and hopefully if you get a chance to try these little gems you will too!!

…I’m off to go change my Facebook relationship status to ‘its complicated’ …because I know Joe is probably flirting with cuties like you too!!!



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