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Why Do I Run Anyway!?

26 Sep

Running…Why do I run anyway!?

I know its not good on my joints, and it can sometimes leave me feeling really really sore…but I don’t mind!

Running and I…we’ve always had a little love-hate relationship…but the positives FAR outweigh the negatives, so I’ll keep up our daily rendezvous ūüôā .

There are only two activities that I am really able to reach a feeling of total body exhaustion, and that is running and swimming. ¬†Swimming was always my first love (when I was younger), but as I started moving around more for modeling, I found it difficult to keep up my pool workouts. ¬†My solution to this #whitegirlproblem…lace up my sneakers and get back to hitting the pavement!

Running, for me, is a time to decompress or reflect on things that have been on my mind. ¬†Sometimes it feels like a ¬†tornado up in my noggin, so I use my running time to think things through or work them out. ¬†I have also been really enjoying the goal aspect of my current half-marathon plan. ¬†I love looking at my training calendar and being able to cross off the day once the workout is complete! ¬†This coming weekend is my 8-miler, which is the most I’ve ever worked up to in the past. ¬†Once I get that run under my belt I’ll be chartering unfamiliar territory…BRING IT ON!!!

Now, running certainly serves me in many fabulous ways (can I get an AMEN for strong runner’s legs!?), but there is also a key component to my method that may come as a surprise (to those who don’t already know my¬†dirty¬†little secret!)…I listen to HIP HOP yo! ¬†My running time is also my music time…I like to think of it as juicing up my white girl swag-o-meter!

There will certainly have to be another post in the near future about the evolution of my adoration for hip hop…but for now I’ll just say that there really isn’t a beat from that genre that I haven’t liked (and for my runs…the more¬†Dirty Atlanta the better!). ¬†Try working out your problems while running to DMX or Luda…ain’t nobody messing with you after that sweat sesh ;).

For now I leave you with this…I’ve got a ‘lil 4-miler to fit in before I tackle my day…and 2 Chainz is calling my name…

You DO NOT say NO to 2 Chainz ūüėČ



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