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LA Favs: Bungalow

20 Sep


Living is Southern California is kind of like this fabulous dream that I never really have to wake up from.  The weather is beautiful, the beach is a stones throw away and there’s always something to do.

Even though we are presented with options…us Westside girls hate to admit we are creatures of habit.  If you’re looking for me and my girlies on a Thursday or Sunday night,  you’ll most likely find us catching up over a glass of rosé at Bungalow.


Bungalow was the Westside’s first invasion by the Hollywood crew brought to us by Mr. Brent Bolthouse (yes-this is the man that employed the infamous Heidi Montag on The Hills…before she got her, ahem, “G’s”).  It’s located on the grounds of the Fairmont Hotel (101 Wilshire Blvd) in Santa Monica, and I have to hand it to him…the concept was genius!


They essentially took what used to be old office space and turned it into a beach “bungalow;” think Venice meets rustic Montauk.  There are indoor and outdoor spaces complete with ping pong, a pool table, fire pits and a roaring fireplace.


YES PLEASE! Save me a seat!!


We are nearing the end of our Summer out here, but up until this point, a cold glass of rosé was the obvious choice.  I can also vouch for the margaritas and a good ‘ol tequila sunrise (both of which have induced dancing…even dance lessons!  Well, at least dance lessons for the cute boys that were entertained by the idea- or maybe just amused by my ability and willingness to Bernie to elevator music)!


Oh yah- proud moment!
I’m pretty sure I’m getting an eye roll from girl-in-striped-dress…DON’T BE HATIN GIRLLLL 😉

Friday and Saturday nights are to be AVOIDED (if you’re a local) because unfortunately word spread past the 405 and you get a bit of bridge and tunnel action going on on the weekends.

I’d say its best to go with a group of friends rather than making it a date night spot…I’ve experienced both, and the atmosphere really doesn’t lend itself to the latter.  It can certainly get crowded, which is not so conducive to an intimate conversation (I certainly know I don’t look all that cute with my face scrunched up letting out ‘huh’s!?’ left and right).  Then again, perhaps this is more of a personal problem…my vision is certainly on its way out the door (seriously, I’m as blind as a bat!), so maybe my hearing is going too!!  Oh boy- I sound like a real catch now don’t I!? Haha…when do I get my AARP card again!?


This is exactly how I feel about my fast deterioration!! EEEEEK!

Check it out the next time you’re in LA- and if you see me there…perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to get a lil dance lesson 😉




LA Favs: Griffith Observatory

15 Sep

Gorg daytime photo by a very talented photog in LA, Matthew Field (http://www.photography.mattfield.com/)


Happy Happy Saturday!

Today I’m excited to share my adventures from last night…I finally got my butt up to the Griffith Observatory for one of their Legen….‘wait for it’…dary 😉 Star Parties!  Ive been hiking in Griffith Park plenty of times, and have always talked about going up to the Observatory for some night sky action, but it wasn’t until last night that I FINALLY made it happen!

One thing that I have certainly learned from moving around so much: make sure you take advantage of the city you live in!  It is way too easy to get caught up in your routine, or forget about all the gems that people fly from all around the world to experience!  Sometimes, you have to just go for it and be a tourist in your own hometown.

photo 1-1

If you know me at all, you probably know that I’m obsessed with the night sky!  It definitely makes my “Favorite Things to do IN LIFE” list (I’d say its right behind swimming in a lake…#1 for sure).   Any opportunity I can get to lay out in a field and watch the stars makes me happier than a pig in you know what.  I’ve been known to wake people up at unGODLY hours of the night… drag then into a field  wrapped up in their comforter just to stare at the sky…city kids really don’t know what they’re missing out on! Having grown up in New Hampshire, I was introduced to the beauties of nature at a very young age and have always been fascinated by Space.  Field trips to the planetarium always made me giddy, and Space Camp was a consistently lofty dream.  I even changed my career goals from wanting to be a Lady Car Washer to a Pilot or Astronaut at a ripe young age (this was for sure a sigh of relief for my parents!! haha).

Naturally Griffith Observatory has been on my list now for a while, but for some reason I just never made it up there!  This semester I’m taking an Astronomy class, so it only seemed natural that I drag a couple of girlies up the hill to stare through telescopes and gasp at the vastness of the Universe 😉

photo 5

The grounds of Griffith are absolutely STUNNING…I’ll certainly be back again very soon to check it out during the day and really dive into the exhibits inside!  Last night we were more excited to look through the telescopes that were set out with educated staff on hand to answer any of our burning questions!  The girls were convinced that might have even met my future husband…..


I mean…I AM a sucker for glasses!

Bahahahaha…we may share an excitement for the night sky but I don’t really think he was digging what I was throwing down.  Some people just don’t appreciate a good sense of humor!  My dear sir…it was fun while it lasted…our whole 45 second exchange  will stay with me forever!  I’ll never forget that I’m supposed to look through the telescope with ONE EYE and that you were in fact a History major…NOT an Astronomy major 😉   (MAYBE you had to be there…but he was a character none the less!)

photo 3

We also took in some KILLER views of our FABULOUS city of Los Angeles

So needless to say…not every Friday night needs to be party central…sometimes it’s fun to do something cultural and use your noggin 😉

I’ll leave you with this stunner…(I’m a sucker for Black and Whites!)

photo 4

Hope the rest of your weekend is STUPENDOUS, and be sure to check out the Observatory the next time you’re in LA!



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