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Why Do I Run Anyway!?

26 Sep

Running…Why do I run anyway!?

I know its not good on my joints, and it can sometimes leave me feeling really really sore…but I don’t mind!

Running and I…we’ve always had a little love-hate relationship…but the positives FAR outweigh the negatives, so I’ll keep up our daily rendezvous ūüôā .

There are only two activities that I am really able to reach a feeling of total body exhaustion, and that is running and swimming. ¬†Swimming was always my first love (when I was younger), but as I started moving around more for modeling, I found it difficult to keep up my pool workouts. ¬†My solution to this #whitegirlproblem…lace up my sneakers and get back to hitting the pavement!

Running, for me, is a time to decompress or reflect on things that have been on my mind. ¬†Sometimes it feels like a ¬†tornado up in my noggin, so I use my running time to think things through or work them out. ¬†I have also been really enjoying the goal aspect of my current half-marathon plan. ¬†I love looking at my training calendar and being able to cross off the day once the workout is complete! ¬†This coming weekend is my 8-miler, which is the most I’ve ever worked up to in the past. ¬†Once I get that run under my belt I’ll be chartering unfamiliar territory…BRING IT ON!!!

Now, running certainly serves me in many fabulous ways (can I get an AMEN for strong runner’s legs!?), but there is also a key component to my method that may come as a surprise (to those who don’t already know my¬†dirty¬†little secret!)…I listen to HIP HOP yo! ¬†My running time is also my music time…I like to think of it as juicing up my white girl swag-o-meter!

There will certainly have to be another post in the near future about the evolution of my adoration for hip hop…but for now I’ll just say that there really isn’t a beat from that genre that I haven’t liked (and for my runs…the more¬†Dirty Atlanta the better!). ¬†Try working out your problems while running to DMX or Luda…ain’t nobody messing with you after that sweat sesh ;).

For now I leave you with this…I’ve got a ‘lil 4-miler to fit in before I tackle my day…and 2 Chainz is calling my name…

You DO NOT say NO to 2 Chainz ūüėČ




LA Favs: Bungalow

20 Sep


Living is Southern California is kind of like this fabulous dream that I never really have to wake up from. ¬†The weather is beautiful, the beach is a stones throw away and there’s always something to do.

Even though we are presented with options…us Westside girls hate to admit we are creatures of habit. ¬†If you’re looking for me and my girlies on a Thursday or Sunday night, ¬†you’ll most likely find us catching up over a glass of ros√© at Bungalow.


Bungalow was the Westside’s first invasion by the Hollywood crew brought to us by Mr. Brent Bolthouse (yes-this is the man that employed the infamous Heidi Montag on The Hills…before she got her,¬†ahem, “G’s”). ¬†It’s located on the grounds of the Fairmont Hotel (101 Wilshire Blvd) in Santa Monica, and I have to hand it to him…the concept was genius!


They essentially took what used to be old office space and turned it into a beach “bungalow;” think Venice meets rustic Montauk. ¬†There are indoor and outdoor spaces complete with ping pong, a pool table, fire pits and a roaring fireplace.


YES PLEASE! Save me a seat!!


We are nearing the end of our Summer out here, but up until this point, a cold glass of ros√© was the obvious choice. ¬†I can also vouch for the margaritas and a good ‘ol tequila sunrise (both of which have induced dancing…even dance lessons! ¬†Well, at least dance lessons for the cute boys that were entertained by the idea- or maybe just amused by my ability and willingness to¬†Bernie¬†to elevator music)!


Oh yah- proud moment!
I’m pretty sure I’m getting an eye roll from girl-in-striped-dress…DON’T BE HATIN GIRLLLL ūüėČ

Friday and Saturday nights are to be AVOIDED (if you’re a local) because unfortunately word spread past the 405 and you get a bit of¬†bridge and tunnel action going on on the weekends.

I’d say its best to go with a group of friends rather than making it a date night spot…I’ve experienced both, and the atmosphere really doesn’t lend itself to the latter. ¬†It can certainly get crowded, which is not so conducive to an intimate conversation (I certainly know I don’t look all that cute with my face scrunched up letting out ‘huh’s!?’ left and right). ¬†Then again, perhaps this is more of a personal problem…my vision is certainly on its way out the door (seriously, I’m as blind as a bat!), so maybe my hearing is going too!! ¬†Oh boy- I sound like a real catch now don’t I!? Haha…when do I get my AARP card again!?


This is exactly how I feel about my fast deterioration!! EEEEEK!

Check it out the next time you’re in LA- and if you see me there…perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to get a lil dance lesson ūüėČ



LA Favs: Griffith Observatory

15 Sep

Gorg daytime photo by a very talented photog in LA, Matthew Field (http://www.photography.mattfield.com/)


Happy Happy Saturday!

Today I’m excited to share my adventures from last night…I finally got my butt up to the Griffith Observatory for one of their Legen….‘wait for it’…dary ūüėČ Star Parties! ¬†Ive been hiking in Griffith Park plenty of times, and have always talked about going up to the Observatory for some night sky action, but it wasn’t until last night that I FINALLY made it happen!

One thing that I have certainly learned from moving around so much: make sure you take advantage of the city you live in!  It is way too easy to get caught up in your routine, or forget about all the gems that people fly from all around the world to experience!  Sometimes, you have to just go for it and be a tourist in your own hometown.

photo 1-1

If you know me at all, you probably know that I’m obsessed with the night sky! ¬†It definitely makes my “Favorite Things to do IN LIFE” list (I’d say its right behind swimming in a lake…#1 for sure).¬† ¬†Any opportunity I can get to lay out in a field and watch the stars makes me happier than a pig in you know what. ¬†I’ve been known to wake people up at unGODLY hours of the night… drag then into a field ¬†wrapped up in their comforter just to stare at the sky…city kids really don’t know what they’re missing out on! Having grown up in New Hampshire, I was introduced to the beauties of nature at a very young age and have always been fascinated by Space. ¬†Field trips to the planetarium always made me giddy, and Space Camp was a consistently lofty dream. ¬†I even changed my career goals from wanting to be a Lady Car Washer to a Pilot or Astronaut at a ripe young age (this was for sure a sigh of relief for my parents!! haha).

Naturally Griffith Observatory has been on my list now for a while, but for some reason I just never made it up there! ¬†This semester I’m taking an Astronomy class, so it only seemed natural that I drag a couple of girlies up the hill to stare through telescopes and gasp at the vastness of the Universe ūüėČ

photo 5

The grounds of Griffith are absolutely STUNNING…I’ll certainly be back again very soon to check it out during the day and really dive into the exhibits inside! ¬†Last night we were more excited to look through the telescopes that were set out with educated staff on hand to answer any of our¬†burning¬†questions! ¬†The girls were convinced that might have even met my future husband…..


I mean…I AM a sucker for glasses!

Bahahahaha…we may share an excitement for the night sky but I don’t really think he was digging what I was throwing down. ¬†Some people just don’t appreciate a good sense of humor! ¬†My dear sir…it was fun while it lasted…our whole 45 second exchange ¬†will stay with me forever! ¬†I’ll never forget that I’m supposed to look through the telescope with ONE EYE and that you were in fact a History major…NOT an Astronomy major¬†ūüėČ ¬† (MAYBE you had to be there…but he was a character none the less!)

photo 3

We also took in some KILLER views of our FABULOUS city of Los Angeles

So needless to say…not every Friday night needs to be party central…sometimes it’s fun to do something cultural and use your noggin ūüėČ

I’ll leave you with this stunner…(I’m a sucker for Black and Whites!)

photo 4

Hope the rest of your weekend is STUPENDOUS, and be sure to check out the Observatory the next time you’re in LA!



And We’re Back…The Saga Continues!

24 Nov

So this picture would be a good reference to what Old Betty looked like…If I had shined her up, removed all the sticker glue, replaced the front bumper, and drove her into a field to conduct a snazzy photo shoot!

You get the picture…she was not a Maserati ūüėČ

From where we last left off, I had been cruising around LA for about two weeks.  I was constantly in search of an apartment and trying to make it to all my castings on time.  Los Angeles is much different from New York as far as castings are concerned.  You could only have two in one day, but one could be in Vernon and the other in Santa Monica!  If you are at all familiar with the area, you know that I was a slave to that vehicle.


By this point, however, I was over the embarrassment. ¬†You can’t let anyone elses opinion matter, right!? ¬†So what if people were gawking as I sat in traffic on the 101!? ¬†Maybe they were just admiring my air freshener!? ¬†(I upgraded from the pine tree to the fancy Yankee Candle ones…you know, the classy type!)

Anyways, I was becoming pretty familiar with my surroundings and was starting to enjoy all that Los Angeles had to offer!

Since I am with a pretty well-known agency out there, L.A. Models, we would get invites to cool parties and different events happening around town. ¬†When I heard the W hotel was having their grand opening bash, I knew I couldn’t miss out. ¬†There would be lots of important people (hello Michael Bay), celebrity performances and yummy food…who wouldnt want to go!?

I got all jazzed up and planned on meeting a girlfriend there who had been to events like this before. ¬†Since I hadn’t been to the hotel yet, I plugged the address into my GPS and followed it to a huge awning where a sea of cute guys in dress pants and red jackets were waiting…it was the valet service. ¬†Although I was a wee bit (ok…maybe a pinch more) embarrassed to be stepping out of MY car I just reminded myself…stand tall and confident and they will never know it phased you! ¬†Anyways, I’m still young and havent had years to make my millions (yet ūüėČ ). ¬† At that point, I’ll be rolling up in the Benz with my gold teeth and major BLING around my neck (yup…I definetly just took it too far, haha, at least I’m amused!)

The party was AMAZING!! ¬†The performances were incredible, the food stations offered everything imaginable (think fresh raw bar served on a bar…carved out of ICE!!), and I got my first big dose of Hollywood! ¬†I wouldn’t say I get starstruck, because as I see it…they’re people, just like you and me! (Yet they have really cool day jobs and gaggles of photographers that don’t stop following them when they leave the studio.) ¬†But the sightings did lend to cool stories when telling friends about what I had been up to!

SO…la, la, la…party is awesome…la, la, la, shake some hands, light conversation, enjoy the food, and now it’s getting late and I’m ready to head home. ¬†(NOTE: ¬†I simply enjoyed JUST the food and good company…so I was perfectly safe driving.)

I walked outside, and after all the excitement I had just endured, I was surprised by what I saw in front of me. ¬†Gaggles of people were all waiting together across the way (as if they were waiting for the A6 bus to swing by and shuttle them home!) ¬†What was with all the comotion…and where were those cute valet guys hiding…I’d like to grab my ride and call it a night.


Walking across the driveway alone (to find out what the fuss was all about) was like going back to high school all over again.  Mean girls stared, old (intoxicated) men winked, and others just looked completely annoyed by the whole situation.

(Now, mind you…I still didn’t have a clue as to what was up! ¬†But I was new to this town, so please, don’t judge!)

“Oh thank GOD!! ¬†I’ve only been waiting here for about an HOUR!” ¬†A short annoyed man huffed as he escorted his tall, attractive (considerably younger) date (or daughter) into the Jag convertible that had been pulled up in front.

Sheer HORROR ran through my veins…I wish I had a picture of my face at that exact moment! ¬†There wasn’t enough bronzer¬†or blush that could have brought life back into my face!

“Excuse me,” I asked a group of harmless looking young guys…”are you all waiting on valet?”

“Yah,” he responded, “it’s taking forever, they’re bringing them up one at a time. ¬†You better go turn in your ticket now or you will be here all night.”

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

Bringing them up one at a time…what is this a car show!? ¬†Cant they just slip it out the back and I’ll slip the guy a few extra George Washingtons!?

Should I just walk home…? ¬†No, thats stupid…would take way too long and¬†¬†I’m wearing my nice heels tonight. ¬†What about a cab? ¬†Geesh that could take forever, and then I’d have to explain to Babs (my friend) where my car was. ¬†Guess tonight is the night I ‘grow balls’ (although I hate that expression.) ¬†If anyone even thinks to make a comment, I’ll use my witty personality to throw them off…oh God…this is not going to be fun!”

Benz, Ranger, Jag, BMW, Bently, Lamborghini (hey man in the baggy pants..call me! haha).

BMW, Rover, Jag, Benz, Ranger, Ranger, Ranger (hey, it’s a popular car out there!)

You get the picture!!

In the mean time I figured it was only in my best interest to keep a low profile. ¬†If I wasn’t getting too chatty or drawing too much attention to my self maybe I could slip away like nothing ever happened.

It was a great idea…in theory…but when your a young, red-head standing at about 6’3″ in heels and wearing a nice cocktail dress its hard to blend into the scenery. ¬†(Even if I were to have hid behind a bush and claim my car Gorilla style I think the red hair would still have given me away!)

Benz, Benz….DUCT TAPE!!!!

“Oh God, that would be¬†me…stay calm Sarah, stay CALM!!!)

“NUMBER 145…NUMBER 145!!”

“Geeeeesh buddy, I’m coming, I’m coming…lower your voice…”

Yes, at this moment I could have taken the walk of shame and collected my keys and sulked into my beater…but I figured, heck…Im new to this town…I cant sell myself short! ¬†Anyways, my mom instilled a very good lesson in me at a young age…”Although it may feel as if everyone is talking about you..dont give yourself that much credit…because they are most like FAR to concerned about themselves to waste time thinking about you…” (Although it may seem like tough love…its actually quiet true! ¬†That was the mantra that got me through all my awkward years as the tall chick who never quiet fit in.)

“Hey, I guess I’m the lucky winner!” ¬†I exclaimed so that they few people close by could enjoy my humor. ¬†I stuck my shoulders back and held my head high. ¬†“I’ll take this beauty off of you, Thank You very much!”

I slipped the valey my ticket, a wink and a tip…hopped into My Charriot…and drove off into the night…

Although I know there were probably some Lindsey Lohan wannabe chicks that made some kind of joke or got a good laugh out of my situation…I didnt care!

I had had a great evening, and I was not going to allow something so materialistic bring me down!

I was lucky enough to even have a car out there (as some models had to pay a driver to get around), and if it was good enough for me…everyone else would just have to deal!


I was happy that I was able to get something positive out of the whole situation…but lets be honest, if I was successful enough at painting a picture of the situation in your imagination…it was pretty HILARIOUS!!!!!


Ahhhhh….Its Life, its funny and it happens….


Have you ever had a situation like this happen to you!?


…please say I’m not alone ūüėČ



Good Night!




Waking up, Not feeling so hot

26 Jun

Contrary to what the title may lead you to believe…no I did not have a long night last night. ¬†I was in bed by a respectable 1am after hanging out with my most beautiful friend, ¬†Chelsea Keller. ¬†If you live in L.A. you’ve most likely seen her on almost every bus stop in town. ¬†She shot the World Cup Bebe campaign about two months ago, and we are so excited for it to finally be out! ¬†Yesterday, I couldn’t help but run down to 3rd and La Brea and snap a pic!! (friends are allowed bragging rights) ¬†ūüôā

Chelsea's Bebe Campaign

So if I wasnt out into all hours of the night, why am I feeling so icky? ¬†The past few weeks I have been battling a pretty bad sinus infection (gross I know), and I thought the worst was behind me. ¬† It seems I must also be allergic to something in the air out here, because my eyes are itchy again. ¬†Hopefully “June Gloom” is almost behind us, ¬†it’s not fun being all stuffy and puffy!

Normally, allergies¬†wouldn’t be such a huge problem. ¬†I’d get some sleep and stay hydrated. ¬†Then I’d play the waiting game until my body kicks whatever¬†is looming around. ¬†This time however, I don’t have the luxury of waiting. ¬†I have a busy few days ahead of me and have to be looking my best! ¬†Tomorrow I will be filming something for a show, Monday shooting a ¬†look book, and Tuesday I’m flying back East! ¬†I wish I could release more juicy details of my job tomorrow (because it should be really neat), but I am held to secrecy. ¬†Having to keep secrets happens often in modeling. ¬†Many times the client will require that you stay “hush-hush” until the material is released. ¬†Its can be difficult sometimes when people want to know what you have been up to, but you have to stay true to your word and not let anything slip. ūüôā

This morning I knew I had to take quick action to make sure my energy is up to power me through the next few days. ¬†Being so passionate about healing from the inside out, I quickly broke out my “Super Foods” and whipped up a Power smoothie!

It is so important to be feeding your body the proper nutrition it needs, especially when you are feeling under the weather. ¬†Although this powder tastes as “green” as you would expect it to on its own, mixed up with some fruit, flax and coconut water it just what the doctor ordered. ¬†I strongly encourage everyone to have some kind of green nutritional powder on hand. ¬†If you’re not able to get it down every day, shoot for at least once a week to give your cells the proper nutrition they crave!!!

Along with my delicious smoothie I have been drinking heaps of lemon water!  Staying hydrated is not only important when your sick but in everyday life aswell.  It helps keep your energy up and your skin glowing!

I love our Brita Water filter! ‚̧

I usually start my day with half a lemon in warm water…but today I have decided to bring out the heavy artillery. ūüôā

I have already powered through 4 lemons and will be heading to the store in a bit to stock up on more!  Call me crazy, but they are an excellent source of vitamin C and as Jethro Kloss reported in his book  Back to Eden:

‚ÄúThe medicinal value of the lemon is as follows: It is an antiseptic, or is an agent that prevents sepsis [the presence of pathogenic bacteria] or putrefaction [decomposition of tissue]. It is also antiscorbutic, a term meaning a remedy which will prevent disease and assist in cleansing the system of impurities.‚ÄĚ

Sounds good to me!

Happy Saturday xoxo

Welcome to L.A. Models!

26 Jun

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A modeling agency can be a very mysterious place.   Many times they are only distinguished by a small sign on the front of the building.  I remember the first time I went to New York to visit agencies.  It was a nerve-racking experience because I had no idea what to expect.    Some buildings were walk-ups, others had fancy elevators and door men.  Each time I would walk through the door I would try to stay calm, but the reality of being in a place of such power was a bit over whelming.

L.A. Models is quite the contrary, don’t let the “high security” gate fool you! ¬†The first time I went to meet my bookers I was a little bit nervous…gated entry, small sign and white walls. ¬† It was enough to throw anyone’s stomach for a loop. ¬†But the friendly faces behind the exterior put my nerves at ease, and now I enjoy having to¬†pop¬†in for a visit!

I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of what the agency looks like, because for many people it is hard to comprehend. ¬†All of the bookers from the various divisions (Women, New Faces, Runway, Men) sit at long tables spread sporadically throughout the room. ¬†They each have their own computer and telephone that they work on throughout the day. ¬†Some even come to work equipped with their very own Shrek water bottles (as Kimberly so beautifully modeled off for me) ūüėČ

There are walls devoted to “comp cards” for all the models on the different boards. ¬†These are what the agency sends out to clients when they are looking to book someone for a job. ¬†We also carry these with us when we go on g0-sees or castings so the client can put a face with a name. ¬†Can you spot my card in the picture!?

You never know who you are going to see or what will be going on when you go to the agency. ¬†Today I was pleasantly surprised that Robert Pattinson had stopped by to leave me a little note (see picture in slide show)….

I wish! One of my bookers, and good friends, Sarah F, used to run the New Faces division at the agency Rob started out at.  Apparently from time to time people still request him for special bookings, so he sent over a signed copy of his latest comp card.  What a sweetie!

Feel free to send over any questions you may have about going into an agency, whether it be for a meeting or open-call. ¬†It may look scary from the outside, but once you get past the exterior, there are some great people waiting inside! ¬†You never know…maybe Rob P will have stopped by for a visit ūüėČ

Hello world!

23 Jun

Hi there!  My name is Sarah and Im excited to be starting a blog of my very own.  For months now I have been following various blogs related to fashion and nutrition and thought it would be a great idea to blend the two together!

I am a model who has recently (within the past five months) relocated to Los Angeles from NYC! ¬†I grew up on the east coast and was ready for a change of pace…so here I am! ¬†So far I am enjoying my time in California and all the fun experiences I have encountered through my line of work. ¬†Modeling is somewhat of a world of the unknown, so I hope to share a glimpse into what it is that I do!

Aside from modeling I love spending time with friends, hiking, shopping, practicing yoga and learning as much about nutrition as possible! ¬†Although I believe, “labels are for cans,” I follow a mainly plant based diet with the occasional sushi dinner thrown into the mix. ¬†I eat what feels good and allows me to perform at my best! ¬†I think it is so important for people to understand that not every model starves herself. ¬†Although it is important for us to stay slim, it is possible to do so in a healthy manner.

I love living life to the fullest and taking advantage of all opportunities that come my way! ¬†Life is too short to take yourself too seriously…Smile, Laugh and Have Fun! ¬†I look forward to doing just that in my many posts to come!!

Have a Great Day!!



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