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Why Do I Run Anyway!?

26 Sep

Running…Why do I run anyway!?

I know its not good on my joints, and it can sometimes leave me feeling really really sore…but I don’t mind!

Running and I…we’ve always had a little love-hate relationship…but the positives FAR outweigh the negatives, so I’ll keep up our daily rendezvous ūüôā .

There are only two activities that I am really able to reach a feeling of total body exhaustion, and that is running and swimming. ¬†Swimming was always my first love (when I was younger), but as I started moving around more for modeling, I found it difficult to keep up my pool workouts. ¬†My solution to this #whitegirlproblem…lace up my sneakers and get back to hitting the pavement!

Running, for me, is a time to decompress or reflect on things that have been on my mind. ¬†Sometimes it feels like a ¬†tornado up in my noggin, so I use my running time to think things through or work them out. ¬†I have also been really enjoying the goal aspect of my current half-marathon plan. ¬†I love looking at my training calendar and being able to cross off the day once the workout is complete! ¬†This coming weekend is my 8-miler, which is the most I’ve ever worked up to in the past. ¬†Once I get that run under my belt I’ll be chartering unfamiliar territory…BRING IT ON!!!

Now, running certainly serves me in many fabulous ways (can I get an AMEN for strong runner’s legs!?), but there is also a key component to my method that may come as a surprise (to those who don’t already know my¬†dirty¬†little secret!)…I listen to HIP HOP yo! ¬†My running time is also my music time…I like to think of it as juicing up my white girl swag-o-meter!

There will certainly have to be another post in the near future about the evolution of my adoration for hip hop…but for now I’ll just say that there really isn’t a beat from that genre that I haven’t liked (and for my runs…the more¬†Dirty Atlanta the better!). ¬†Try working out your problems while running to DMX or Luda…ain’t nobody messing with you after that sweat sesh ;).

For now I leave you with this…I’ve got a ‘lil 4-miler to fit in before I tackle my day…and 2 Chainz is calling my name…

You DO NOT say NO to 2 Chainz ūüėČ




Long Time No Talk!

12 Sep

Hey Girlfriend… Long Time No Talk!

How have you been, whats new, update me, update me, I want to know everything!

You know that moment when you finally catch up with a girlfriend that you haven’t seen in ages…and it starts to set in JUST HOW LONG its actually been!? ¬†Thats kinda how I feel about opening up my dashboard to this lovely little blog again. ¬†For ages now, friends and family have been asking when they’ll get another little slice of my blogging heaven (haha), but for some reason I just wasn’t feelin it. ¬†My blogging SWAGGER was off!

I’ve gone through some pretty big changes in my life (i.e.: becoming a full time student and spending less time getting paid to flash my…PEARLY WHITES! ¬†Heads out of the gutter kids!!). ¬†Up until this point, I didn’t really know what direction I would want to take Sarah Not So Plain And Tall. ¬†Then the lightbulb went off…I’ve got lots of fun information to share, so why stress about focusing on just one thing!? ¬†I’m excited to continue writing about my healthy lifestyle journey (because it truly is that…A LIFELONG journey), but also include snippets of ¬†Los Angeles: the beautiful city that I call home and little anecdotal stories about¬†My So Called Life (haha, SERIOUSLY though…think of the most ridiculous things that could happen in any situation…I’m pretty sure its happened to me!).

I’m excited to be back, and even more excited to share another little update…I’m training for my first HALF MARATHON!!!! ¬†I’ve had this on my ‘bucket list’ FOREVER, but never really took the initiative to officially sign up for one. ¬†Since I’m back in school, I felt it was time to shake things up and set a new goal for myself. ¬†When I set my mind to something I’m usually pretty successful at achieving it, especially when there is a plan put in place! ¬†I’m currently on week three of my training plan, so the milage hasn’t become too difficult yet (looking at the 10 miler on my calendar is a little nerve racking, I’m not going to lie). ¬†Even though I’ve never pushed my body that far, I WILL be running the 13.1 miles on November 10th in the Malibu Half Marathon (Malibu, I know…not too shabby!). ¬†The course looks beautiful, and ends at one of my favorite beaches, Zuma Beach! ¬†Check it out…and let me know if I might see you on race day!


Any-who…I could go on forever (if you’ve ever talked to me, you know I’m great a babbling), so I leave you with this for today. ¬†A great quote about setting goals from one of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson:

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

Use the power of positive thinking to enhance your life and the lives of others!



PS:  Check me out on Instagram: sarahmowww

As you can see I like to keep things FRESH¬†in my bio line…name that tune….GO!


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