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And We’re Back…The Saga Continues!

24 Nov

So this picture would be a good reference to what Old Betty looked like…If I had shined her up, removed all the sticker glue, replaced the front bumper, and drove her into a field to conduct a snazzy photo shoot!

You get the picture…she was not a Maserati ūüėČ

From where we last left off, I had been cruising around LA for about two weeks.  I was constantly in search of an apartment and trying to make it to all my castings on time.  Los Angeles is much different from New York as far as castings are concerned.  You could only have two in one day, but one could be in Vernon and the other in Santa Monica!  If you are at all familiar with the area, you know that I was a slave to that vehicle.


By this point, however, I was over the embarrassment. ¬†You can’t let anyone elses opinion matter, right!? ¬†So what if people were gawking as I sat in traffic on the 101!? ¬†Maybe they were just admiring my air freshener!? ¬†(I upgraded from the pine tree to the fancy Yankee Candle ones…you know, the classy type!)

Anyways, I was becoming pretty familiar with my surroundings and was starting to enjoy all that Los Angeles had to offer!

Since I am with a pretty well-known agency out there, L.A. Models, we would get invites to cool parties and different events happening around town. ¬†When I heard the W hotel was having their grand opening bash, I knew I couldn’t miss out. ¬†There would be lots of important people (hello Michael Bay), celebrity performances and yummy food…who wouldnt want to go!?

I got all jazzed up and planned on meeting a girlfriend there who had been to events like this before. ¬†Since I hadn’t been to the hotel yet, I plugged the address into my GPS and followed it to a huge awning where a sea of cute guys in dress pants and red jackets were waiting…it was the valet service. ¬†Although I was a wee bit (ok…maybe a pinch more) embarrassed to be stepping out of MY car I just reminded myself…stand tall and confident and they will never know it phased you! ¬†Anyways, I’m still young and havent had years to make my millions (yet ūüėČ ). ¬† At that point, I’ll be rolling up in the Benz with my gold teeth and major BLING around my neck (yup…I definetly just took it too far, haha, at least I’m amused!)

The party was AMAZING!! ¬†The performances were incredible, the food stations offered everything imaginable (think fresh raw bar served on a bar…carved out of ICE!!), and I got my first big dose of Hollywood! ¬†I wouldn’t say I get starstruck, because as I see it…they’re people, just like you and me! (Yet they have really cool day jobs and gaggles of photographers that don’t stop following them when they leave the studio.) ¬†But the sightings did lend to cool stories when telling friends about what I had been up to!

SO…la, la, la…party is awesome…la, la, la, shake some hands, light conversation, enjoy the food, and now it’s getting late and I’m ready to head home. ¬†(NOTE: ¬†I simply enjoyed JUST the food and good company…so I was perfectly safe driving.)

I walked outside, and after all the excitement I had just endured, I was surprised by what I saw in front of me. ¬†Gaggles of people were all waiting together across the way (as if they were waiting for the A6 bus to swing by and shuttle them home!) ¬†What was with all the comotion…and where were those cute valet guys hiding…I’d like to grab my ride and call it a night.


Walking across the driveway alone (to find out what the fuss was all about) was like going back to high school all over again.  Mean girls stared, old (intoxicated) men winked, and others just looked completely annoyed by the whole situation.

(Now, mind you…I still didn’t have a clue as to what was up! ¬†But I was new to this town, so please, don’t judge!)

“Oh thank GOD!! ¬†I’ve only been waiting here for about an HOUR!” ¬†A short annoyed man huffed as he escorted his tall, attractive (considerably younger) date (or daughter) into the Jag convertible that had been pulled up in front.

Sheer HORROR ran through my veins…I wish I had a picture of my face at that exact moment! ¬†There wasn’t enough bronzer¬†or blush that could have brought life back into my face!

“Excuse me,” I asked a group of harmless looking young guys…”are you all waiting on valet?”

“Yah,” he responded, “it’s taking forever, they’re bringing them up one at a time. ¬†You better go turn in your ticket now or you will be here all night.”

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

Bringing them up one at a time…what is this a car show!? ¬†Cant they just slip it out the back and I’ll slip the guy a few extra George Washingtons!?

Should I just walk home…? ¬†No, thats stupid…would take way too long and¬†¬†I’m wearing my nice heels tonight. ¬†What about a cab? ¬†Geesh that could take forever, and then I’d have to explain to Babs (my friend) where my car was. ¬†Guess tonight is the night I ‘grow balls’ (although I hate that expression.) ¬†If anyone even thinks to make a comment, I’ll use my witty personality to throw them off…oh God…this is not going to be fun!”

Benz, Ranger, Jag, BMW, Bently, Lamborghini (hey man in the baggy pants..call me! haha).

BMW, Rover, Jag, Benz, Ranger, Ranger, Ranger (hey, it’s a popular car out there!)

You get the picture!!

In the mean time I figured it was only in my best interest to keep a low profile. ¬†If I wasn’t getting too chatty or drawing too much attention to my self maybe I could slip away like nothing ever happened.

It was a great idea…in theory…but when your a young, red-head standing at about 6’3″ in heels and wearing a nice cocktail dress its hard to blend into the scenery. ¬†(Even if I were to have hid behind a bush and claim my car Gorilla style I think the red hair would still have given me away!)

Benz, Benz….DUCT TAPE!!!!

“Oh God, that would be¬†me…stay calm Sarah, stay CALM!!!)

“NUMBER 145…NUMBER 145!!”

“Geeeeesh buddy, I’m coming, I’m coming…lower your voice…”

Yes, at this moment I could have taken the walk of shame and collected my keys and sulked into my beater…but I figured, heck…Im new to this town…I cant sell myself short! ¬†Anyways, my mom instilled a very good lesson in me at a young age…”Although it may feel as if everyone is talking about you..dont give yourself that much credit…because they are most like FAR to concerned about themselves to waste time thinking about you…” (Although it may seem like tough love…its actually quiet true! ¬†That was the mantra that got me through all my awkward years as the tall chick who never quiet fit in.)

“Hey, I guess I’m the lucky winner!” ¬†I exclaimed so that they few people close by could enjoy my humor. ¬†I stuck my shoulders back and held my head high. ¬†“I’ll take this beauty off of you, Thank You very much!”

I slipped the valey my ticket, a wink and a tip…hopped into My Charriot…and drove off into the night…

Although I know there were probably some Lindsey Lohan wannabe chicks that made some kind of joke or got a good laugh out of my situation…I didnt care!

I had had a great evening, and I was not going to allow something so materialistic bring me down!

I was lucky enough to even have a car out there (as some models had to pay a driver to get around), and if it was good enough for me…everyone else would just have to deal!


I was happy that I was able to get something positive out of the whole situation…but lets be honest, if I was successful enough at painting a picture of the situation in your imagination…it was pretty HILARIOUS!!!!!


Ahhhhh….Its Life, its funny and it happens….


Have you ever had a situation like this happen to you!?


…please say I’m not alone ūüėČ



Good Night!




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