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Green Stuff…

2 Oct



Where the heck did September go!?  Time sure does fly when you’re…knee high in school work, interning, training for a race and trying to sneak in time for your fabulous friends.  My plate currently looks like it was prepared by an EXTREMELY hungry man at a Thanksgiving feast…but I don’t think I’d have it any other way (I mean…who doesn’t LOVE Thanksgiving…Right!?).

Any-who…I thought I’d share a little bit about some green stuff that I’ve been crushing on lately, since green has been on the mind. Although this may come as a shock to some…I’m not about to proclaim my love for Kale (because that’s a given…duh!).  It always cracks me up when friends tease me about my eating habits and the joke usually always falls on poor old KALE (so I’m giving it the day off from being the center of attention).  Instead I’d like to talk about my favorite little algae…Chlorella!

Chlorella was not always a supplement on my besties list…in fact, it was kind of a little B$%CH the first time we met!  I’ll never forget the first time I thought I’d give Chlorella a try.  I was living in Miami at the time and thought I’d pick up some tablets while at Whole Foods for a little lunch jaunt (when in doubt…head to Whole Foods for lunch!  No matter what city you are in you will find something to satisfy your tummy!).  After I finished my sushi, I decided to give the Chlorella a whirl.  The box indicated that I should chew 10 tablets with food, so that is exactly what I did!  10 Tablets and a few swigs of water later…I was ready to start reaping the benefits!  A few hours and a bunch of errands later I arrived home…took one look in the mirror…and realized my ENTIRE MOUTH was TEAL!!!  HOW DID NOONE INFORM ME OF THIS!?  Although I certainly got in a good laugh, I decided to put them on the shelf for a while to avoid any future embarassment.

Flash forward to this past spring, on my trip to Australia, where I was visiting one of my BEST girl friends in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD 😉 !  She is a HEALTH NUT just like me, so naturally it was a friendship made in heaven.  While I was down under I had the pleasure of meeting some of her friends and family too.  We all had fun bonding over health tips, natural beauty concoctions and smoothie recipes (you know-the normal stuff!).  One of the girls got us all on a morning cocktail of chlorella and lemon (to try and negate the fun we were having at night); at first it wasn’t so easy on the taste buds.  With some nose pinching and deep breaths I would choke it down (because come on…who wouldn’t want to glow like these hotties!?  Please ignore that can in my hand…I was following it with my algae REMEMBER!?)

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Why Do I Run Anyway!?

26 Sep

Running…Why do I run anyway!?

I know its not good on my joints, and it can sometimes leave me feeling really really sore…but I don’t mind!

Running and I…we’ve always had a little love-hate relationship…but the positives FAR outweigh the negatives, so I’ll keep up our daily rendezvous 🙂 .

There are only two activities that I am really able to reach a feeling of total body exhaustion, and that is running and swimming.  Swimming was always my first love (when I was younger), but as I started moving around more for modeling, I found it difficult to keep up my pool workouts.  My solution to this #whitegirlproblem…lace up my sneakers and get back to hitting the pavement!

Running, for me, is a time to decompress or reflect on things that have been on my mind.  Sometimes it feels like a  tornado up in my noggin, so I use my running time to think things through or work them out.  I have also been really enjoying the goal aspect of my current half-marathon plan.  I love looking at my training calendar and being able to cross off the day once the workout is complete!  This coming weekend is my 8-miler, which is the most I’ve ever worked up to in the past.  Once I get that run under my belt I’ll be chartering unfamiliar territory…BRING IT ON!!!

Now, running certainly serves me in many fabulous ways (can I get an AMEN for strong runner’s legs!?), but there is also a key component to my method that may come as a surprise (to those who don’t already know my dirty little secret!)…I listen to HIP HOP yo!  My running time is also my music time…I like to think of it as juicing up my white girl swag-o-meter!

There will certainly have to be another post in the near future about the evolution of my adoration for hip hop…but for now I’ll just say that there really isn’t a beat from that genre that I haven’t liked (and for my runs…the more Dirty Atlanta the better!).  Try working out your problems while running to DMX or Luda…ain’t nobody messing with you after that sweat sesh ;).

For now I leave you with this…I’ve got a ‘lil 4-miler to fit in before I tackle my day…and 2 Chainz is calling my name…

You DO NOT say NO to 2 Chainz 😉



Try Something That Scares You!

7 Oct

When I started this blog I had such great intentions of posting every day and becoming a blogger extraordinaire!  Unfortunately I let every day life get in the way and kept putting off a posting “until tomorrow.”

Tomorrow has come and I am back.  Sometimes when writing my posts I feel pressure to make them perfect, but I have realized that something is better than nothing.  I feel it is fun and important to continue to share tidbits about my life, because I am not always the best at keeping in touch with friends and loved ones.  I will admit it…I am afraid of the phone!  Text and E-mail me all day long, but for some reason a telephone conversation is the last thing on my to-do list.

Enough of my little rant, because I have some exciting and scary news to share!  I have decided I want to train for a half marathon!!  I have always been pretty active and enjoy a nice jog from time to time, but never thought I’d train for such a long race.  A full marathon still seems daunting, so I decided to take it in baby steps.  I am headed down to Miami at the end of the month for work, so I figure what better place to train than by the ocean!  At the end of January there is a race in South Beach, so as long as my schedule doesn’t change, I plan to train for that date!

Any pointers or tips would be greatly appreciated!!  I’m a newbie so I am going to learn through trial and error.  Lacing up my sneaks now to head out for a run over the Williamsburg Bridge…see you on the other side 🙂

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